The North Island Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships

 Wednesday/Thursday April 29/30th Porth Alberni

2020 Registration is via

Meet Manual, Meet Schedule, & School Codes: 2020

Version 1 (Feb 24th)

Version 1 (Feb 25)

The top 5 athletes per Grade 8 event qualify for Islands. Please inform Anna Jack if an athlete is unable to compete or is moving up to the Junior or Senior category at Islands so that the next eligible athlete will be moved up into a qualifying position on the results list in any Grade 8 event that the athlete competed in. Deadline for changes is: Tuesday May 10th.


May 7th, 2018



North Island Age Categories:

Grade 8's

Junior (Grade 9/10)

Senior (Grade 11/12)

Qualification from North Islands to Islands:

Grade 8's -- top 5 per event at North Islands qualify

Junior (Grade 9/10) -- qualify by competing at North Islands in at least one event

Senior (Grade 11/12) -- qualify by competing at North Islands in at least one event

***Junior & Senior athletes who do not compete in their Area Meet due to sickness or injury must compete in at least one Track Meet prior to the Area Meet in 2019 to qualify for Islands. 

Racewalk: At North Islands

There will be a Grade 8 racewalk, a junior racewalk, & a senior racewalk. 

Race together; separate for 8/junior/senior awards. Please note that there is no Gr. 8 Racewalk at BC's. They must compete as a Junior.

For more information or discussion about the North Island High School Championships, 


Email: Anna Jack